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Customer Testimonials

What are people saying about Hampshire Toffee?

"I was so happy to have won this pretty tower of toffee. The package arrived in perfect condition and just in time for company. Everyone loved it! The almond toffee is so buttery and has the perfect crunch and then it melts in your mouth. The chocolate coating on it was delicious. The toffee popcorn is buttery, crunchy and light. Patricia Innis you are the"toffee whisperer"! - Lynne B (winner of tower drawing in North Conway, NH)

"I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a wonderful job with the boxes of Toffee!!!!!!! They look so beautiful! They will be making their way to relatives and friends in NH, MA, DC, and MD. However, I just couldn't resist and opened one and indulged myself. As expected - you make the most delicious toffee crunch. You did not disappoint! I wanted to say a big thank you. Happy holidays!" - Linda T., Manchester, NH